What's it like to be inside and out? The story of a bio-based biodegradable plastic


As one of the great inventions of the 20th century, plastic, has brought convenience to human life, but its waste has caused a negative impact on resources and the environment that cannot be ignored. In the international community, people are increasingly concerned about the plastic pollution crisis, and countries have introduced policies to ban non-recyclable and non-degradable plastic products.

Bioplastics, helping to "shape" a green future

As one of the solutions to "white pollution", bioplastics can be divided into two categories: bio-based plastics and biodegradable plastics, according to their raw material sources and degradation characteristics. Among them, bio-based degradable plastics are considered to be products that can reduce the impact on resources and the environment.

In particular, bio-based biodegradable plastics, which are made from renewable, non-edible plant resources, are partially or completely biodegradable under certain conditions, reducing the environmental impact of plastics at all stages of their life cycle and reducing the consumption of food resources.