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Garden machinery crankshaft

At the beginning of 2000, our company started to develop and produce the new product "gasoline engine crankshaft", which has occupied a place in the crankshaft manufacturing industry and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.


Plastic products

Our company produces all kinds of plastic products, including folding storage boxes, insulation dish cover, etc. Our products are sold in the whole domestic and foreign markets, and are trusted and loved by customers.

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Our company mainly produces: 2XZ series vacuum pump, garden machinery crankshaft, plastic products (all kinds of folding storage whole box box, insulation vegetable cover, etc.)

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Huifeng Machinery

Taizhou Huangyan Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, is a product diversification enterprise integrating production, scientific research, development, sales and service with a long history of production, strong technical force, perfect testing methods, stable and reliable quality. The company mainly produces: garden machinery crankshaft, plastic products.

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Introduction to shaft forging process

The reasonable choice of materials and the requirements of the prescribed heat treatment for drop-forged parts are important to increase the strength and service life of shaft components and, at the same time, have a large impact on the processing of shafts. Shaft components are generally made of 45 steel, with different heat treatment specifications (e.g. normalised, tempered, quenched, etc.) to obtain strength, toughness and resistance to wear, depending on the working conditions.


What is the role of the engine crankshaft?

The crankshaft is an important part of the engine. It bears the force transmitted from the connecting rod and transforms it into torque through the crankshaft output and drives other accessories on the engine to work;